Dijk van Dijk

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Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them.

By adjusting our Hydrangeas to your target group, they make for a beautiful display in your shop.

Robin van Dijk - Master grower

Beauty is the eye of the master

A consistently high level of quality and a large range of the most special masterpieces. is what you can expect from us. We don't call ourselves Masters in Hydrangeas for nothing: we have a title to uphold. We keep renewing our product range with a mix of technology and poetry.

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It’s magic when everything comes together.

Growth that makes you happy

We deliver our hydrangeas under the brand name Decorum Plants with beautiful wrapping and display options, tailored to the consumer. This way, you never have to disappoint your clients in their search for the most beautiful hydrangea for indoors or outdoors. We would love to discuss the options with you to help your business grow with our hydrangeas.

Don’t talk, act. ​​Don’t say, show. Don’t promise, prove.

Want to grow your business with our hydrangeas?

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