Dijk van Dijk


We are treasure hunters

The best new plant varieties are the product of attention, love, and expert knowledge. We love to share the results of our craftsmanship with other growers.

Robin van Dijk – Master grower

The tricks of the trade

Plant breeding is sketching with genetics. The greenhouse is our canvas; the cuttings are our supplies. With vision and expert knowledge, we create new varieties, shapes, and colours while extending the plant’s lifespan and improving its quality.

There’s happiness in creating perfection.
We think in hydrangeas
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Young plants hold a master’s promise

Plant breeding is like treasure seeking: we find it to be one of the most fun and exciting parts of our business. It is proof of our mastery, and it offers us the possibility to stand out from the crowd. We breed and cultivate our plants with the consumer in mind. We know the market and have a strong vision when it comes to quality. We love to share this knowledge with other growers.

Don’t stop until you’re proud

Our cuttings are sent to growers worldwide, who all share the same passion for the trade and for hydrangeas. Each grower has their own wants and needs. We would like to be able to meet each demand in the best manner possible. Growers who work with us can expect the utmost care when it comes to quality, the most beautiful varieties, and flexibility. Topped, untopped, or a juvenile plant, we can deliver whatever you most like to work with.

Want more information on our plant breeding and propagation options?

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