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Bi-colour, the Teller and the Mophead hydrangea

The Bi-colour, Teller, and Mophead hydrangea are the most well-known types of hydrangea. Of course, we also grow and deliver these varieties with the same love and passion as our ‘masterpieces’.

Bi-colour, the Teller and the Mophead hydrangea

We have a number of well-known hydrangea varieties in stock, which we cultivate with as much care and craftsmanship as our own ‘masterpieces’. Take the Bi-colour for example. It enchants you with the most striking colours, with a delicate white rim along the petals. Or consider the charm of the cheerful Teller, with its delicate heart framed by beautiful flowers. And also the well-known Mophead hydrangea (also known as the lacecap hydrangea) is part of our stock. Like a crystal ball, this plant perfectly predicts spring. Red, purple, white, pink, blue, or green, we have selected the most beautiful colours for you, each with the quality you can expect from a Master grower.

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