Dijk van Dijk


The essence of our company

We have a deep-rooted love for hydrangeas. For three generations, we have been proud to continue the work our family started in 1928.

Robin van Dijk - Master grower

It runs in the family

The Van Dijk family puts their heart and soul into growing their crops – starting with fruits and vegetables in 1928 and focusing on hydrangeas from 1990 onwards. Robin van Dijk and his brother Marc are part of the third generation of growers. Robin is a true Master grower. He lives and breathes hydrangeas. His love for the product shines through with each and every Dijk van Dijk ‘masterpiece’ sold. Nobody can compete with his mastery of hydrangeas, his eye for detail, and his market vision.

Growing is just another way of keeping a diary.

Master the art of detail

We come from a family of entrepreneurs and are always looking for opportunities to grow and improve our quality. We seek to understand the genetics of the plants so that we can guide the process of creating the best hydrangeas. Beautiful plants with a longer lifespan that only become more beautiful when in bloom.

Patience is the key to beauty

The dreamy aesthetic and character of the hydrangea is what appeals to us and challenges us to keep developing new varieties. With each seedling, we’re planting a potential masterpiece. Then we add a lot of patience, time, clear choices, market experience, and craftsmanship. We try to think of the needs of our hydrangeas and use that to help establish the perfect conditions for optimal growth.

Be open to whatever comes next

From contact with the plant to contact with the customer – because we grow our plants with the consumer in mind. That’s why we closely follow developments and trends in the plant world, and why we travel the globe looking for inspiration for new varieties. That’s what makes our trade so interesting and unique.

This is why we’re most proud of our unique masterpieces. Each and every one is special and captures the imagination.


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