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We believe in sharing our passion. Together with other experts in the trade, we like to shape the vision of the world of hydrangeas.

Robin van Dijk - Master grower

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Robin van Dijk

Robin van Dijk

Managing director

“We are constantly seeking improvements and new ways to get the best results.”

robin@dijkvandijk.nl+31 6 44 32 20 87
Frank van der  Meer

Frank van der Meer

Sales & Marketing

“We and our clients grow every day. In the end, we all want to make consumers happy with a beautiful product.”

frank@dijkvandijk.nl+31 6 51 75 99 61
Dijk van Dijk Geert de Ridder - Dijk van Dijk

Geert de Ridder

Financial director

“I like to create conditions that allow things to run smoothly.”

geert@dijkvandijk.nl+31 6 50 83 82 71
Leen van Dijk

Leen van Dijk

Master Treasure hunter

“Improving and innovating the product range is one of Dijk van Dijk’s stipulations.”

leen@dijkvandijk.nl+31 6 20 24 30 26
Marc van Dijk

Marc van Dijk

Cultivation specialist

“With the passion and drive of our cultivation team, we always succeed in cultivating high-quality plants that I as a cultivation specialist can be proud of!”

marc@dijkvandijk.nl+31 6 52 37 39 15
Bryan Koornneef

Bryan Koornneef

Cuttings specialist

“You need to have the right drive for root cuttings and cultivating a juvenile plant. This all starts with interest and attention for the product that aims to grow a strong and healthy plant.”

youngplants@dijkvandijk.nl+31 6 46 55 67 15
Ron Petterson

Ron Petterson

Operational director

“Quality starts with the root and stops when the demand has been satisfied. That is what I stand for as operational director.”

ron@dijkvandijk.nl+31 6 46 15 56 16
Cindy van Dijk

Cindy van Dijk


“Like a spider in a web, I make sure Dijk van Dijk’s administration is all taken care of.”

cindy@dijkvandijk.nl+31 6 14 64 98 40

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